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Welcome to Westcliff Elementary School!


At Westcliff, we believe all children can learn and achieve success!

Each member of the staff is dedicated to providing a challenging educational experience in a positive, safe environment.


This handbook gives information about Westcliff.

If you still have questions after reading the handbook, please feel free to contact the school office at (817)814-6000.

Westcliff Elementary School’s

Mission Statement


The mission of Westcliff Elementary School is to provide every child with a challenging, rigorous educational program in an environment of high expectations so that every child will achieve his/her greatest potential.




Singleness of Purpose


Preparing students for success in college, career, and community leadership.


FWISD: Igniting in Every Child a Passion for Learning


1. Student Achievement
2. Leadership Development
3. Stakeholder Collaboration
4. Respect for Diversity
5. Equity in Access
6. Perseverance and Commitment
7. Continuous Improvement

2013-2018 Strategic Goals  

1. Increase Student Achievement
2. Improve Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency
3. Enhance Family and Community Engagement
4. Develop a Workforce that is Student and Customer-Centered






School hours are as follows:

Pre-Kindergarten Grade ………………………… 8:00 a.m.–2:15 p.m.

Kindergarten --Fifth Grades………………………8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.


Classes begin at 8:00 a.m.  First bell rings at 7:55 a.m., at which time school announcements begin.  All students should attend school daily and arrive on time.  School attendance is taken at 8:00 each morning.  Whenever possible, please arrange for dental and/or medical appointments to be made so children will be present at or before 10:00 a.m.  Children arriving after 10:00 a.m. will be counted absent for the day unless accompanied by a note/receipt from the doctor’s or dentist’s office.


Parents are asked to call and inform the Attendance Clerk if their child will not be in attendance for any reason.  If we do not receive a call from the parent/guardian, you may be contacted by the office staff each day to inquire as to the reason for absence.  Students must bring a note within 7 days after returning stating the reason for the absence.   The homeroom teacher keeps these notes for audit purposes. 




Please ensure you are not dropping your child off early or before 7:40 a.m.

Supervision is provided for students in the morning after 7:40 a.m.   Students must leave the school grounds promptly after each dismissal.  Students dismissed at 2:15 p.m. cannot wait on campus for students dismissed at 3:00 p.m.



Call the office to ask about our after school child care provider. (817)814-6000



Parents or legal guardians are required to come to the school office with a valid photo ID to sign out students leaving for any reason before the end of the day.  If a parent wants the child dismissed early, but cannot pick up the student, the parent must send a written note with the parent’s signature and state the name of the person picking up students.    Adults who pick up students for early dismissal must be listed on the Student Enrollment Card and must present identification.  Students will not be dismissed to adults whose names are not listed on the Student Enrollment Card.  An early dismissal note from the office must be presented to the teacher when the child is picked up from the classroom. 

A regular pattern of frequent early dismissals may result in an attendance committee meeting being called by the counselor. Remember, classroom instruction is precious and continues until the very end of the day.



Students who arrive tardy to school (after 8:00 a.m.) will report directly  to the office and get a tardy pass. The parent should send a note explaining the tardy.  The teachers will mark the students tardy.  When a student receives 5 tardies (after 8:00 a.m.) during a six- week grading period, a tardy letter will be sent and parents will be contacted.


Students must be in attendance at 10:00 a.m. to be counted present for the day.  If a student has a doctor or dental appointment and arrives after 10:00 am, the absence will be excused.



This committee consists of three to five members to include the counselor, teacher, an administrator and/or others as designated by the Principal.  Parents will be invited to attend.  The Committee will discuss academic progress, attendance history, and make a recommendation concerning school retention if the student has not been in attendance 90% of the school days.


NOTE:  This means when a student misses more than 15 days INCLUDING PARTS OF DAYS (early dismissals and tardies) the attendance committee will meet.  Recommendations may include summer school, alternative placement into the next grade, and/or retention.



Please remind your child to practice bike safety.  Children should ride at a cautious rate of speed and always wear a helmet.  Students should remember to stop at the stop signs and to avoid pulling out in front of the driveways.  Students riding bicycles must get off and walk their bikes once they enter school property.  Bicycle racks are located behind the library.  Remind your child not to leave a bike on the rack without a lock and chain.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.



Students are to be dropped off/picked up on Clay Avenue.  Cars will proceed south (toward the playground) on Clay Avenue and form one line by curbside of the school property.  This is the carpool lane.  Cars must not be left unattended in this lane during dismissal or arrival times.  Students will load and unload on the curbside near the school.  Parents whose children do not ride the bus must utilize the carpool lane.  Parents who have an appointment or need to come inside the building during dismissal must park across from the school or past the school on Clay and sign into the office.  Parked vehicles must not block the carpool lane or bus lane.

Students will enter/leave the school through the front doors only.  Only PK parents/students enter through the front doors at that end of the building.


Pre-K students must be dropped off curbside to be greeted by PK staff at the south front entrance between 7:40 a.m. and 7:55 a.m.    Parents and/or others who have business in any other part of the building must enter the front doors, then come to the office for a visitor’s pass.  Parents may not park in the staff parking lot unless they have a handicapped sticker.


Students will not be released to walk across the street unless accompanied by his/her parent or guardian.  Again,  all parents must utilize the carpool lane for student pick up.  Parents walking children across the street during dismissal is dangerous and causes traffic congestion. 


Please obey all traffic signs, follow the signals given to you by the staff members on duty, and patiently wait your turn.  Please watch for the patrol boys and girls who are assisting.   Also, our neighbors are important to us.  Please show courtesy by not blocking driveways or dropping trash from vehicles.



Parents are asked to obey the parking signs in front and at the side of the school.  Parking is not permitted from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. along sections of Clay and Seminary adjacent to the school.  Teachers and staff ONLY park in the school parking lot.  Handicapped parking is available in the school parking lot for all patrons needing a handicap parking space.



Before leaving for school, be sure your child (ren) knows how she/he is to get home each afternoon.  If the arrangements change from the usual, send a note to the teacher.  (We will not allow a child to change his/her normal routine at the child’s request. A note must be sent to the office and the teacher if a student’s transportation arrangements after school will occur.  The request (in writing) must come from the parent/guardian.


If your child walks or rides a bicycle home, make sure that he/she knows the route and carefully observes safety rules.  Have time limits on when the child should be home.



Except for the purchase of insurance against bodily injury sustained by students while training for or engaging in interscholastic athletic competition or while engaging in school-sponsored activities on a school campus, the District, under state law, cannot pay for medical expenses associated with a student’s injury.



When weather conditions are such that school may be cancelled or the start of school delayed, announcements will be made by local radio and television stations, as well as posted on www.fwisd.org and on the FWISD facebook and twitter sites.  FWISD also has a Parent Link app for your iphone which received immediate alerts!  Please do not call the school office to find out if school is canceled or delayed.  If school dismisses early because of weather or some other circumstance, the school will follow guidelines for each student as requested by the parents at registration on the first day of school.



School buses and some daycare providers will drop off and pick up in the designated loading zones on Seminary Drive near the office.




Students will remain seated at all times.  Students will be respectful to all persons on the school bus.  Loud talking and laughing may divert the driver’s attention and make safe driving difficult.  When students board the bus after school, they may NOT get off the bus until they reach their drop off destination.


Any fighting, harassment of other students, and/or other inappropriate conduct while going to, waiting for, or returning from the bus stop, may deprive the student of the privilege to ride the school bus. Constant misbehavior and refusal to follow bus safety rules will result in removal of days on the bus.




Children requiring any medication at school must have on file an annually updated medical form signed by both the prescribing physician and the parent.  All medications must be kept in a prescription container with the patient’s name and specific instructions regarding dosage on the label and contain a one week supply or a month’s supply (20 school days.)  Medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the school nurse’s office.  Any medications not picked up by the last day of school may be disposed of.


It is suggested that parents of kindergarten and first grade students bring prescription medicine directly to the school nurse.  If a child is on medication temporarily, the parent may bring it to school and administer it.  Parents of students with serious health problems or physical impairments are urged to share information about their child with the school nurse. If a child’s health condition created a barrier to learning, parents or teachers may want to request a 504 plan meeting.



Numerical Grades – The teacher shall determine and report student progress using a scale of 0 to 100 in grades 1 – 5.   All grading will be done numerically on report cards in grades one through five as follows:

91 – 100            Outstanding

81 –   90            Good Progress

70 –   80            Satisfactory Progress

69 –Below          Failing


Letter Grades – Letter grades will be given for spelling, handwriting, art, music, health, physical education, and conduct in grades 1-5.  Each teacher who sees students for any subject will provide the homeroom teacher with a conduct grade.  The final conduct grade for a six weeks grading period is determined by averaging grades given by the student’s teachers.

                                         E – Excellent

                                         S – Satisfactory

                                         N – Needs Improvement

                                         U – Unsatisfactory


Report Cards –   Reports are issued at the end of each six weeks grading period


E Excellent Rating

Shows regard for rules, respects public and personal property, and promotes the general Welfare.

S  Satisfactory Rating

Maintains the requirements for acceptable citizenship on a minimum basis. Generally shows regard for rules, generally respect public and personal property, and supports the general welfare.   Generally maintains a courteous relationship with staff and fellow students.


N  Needs Improvement Rating

Sometimes shows disregard for rules, has little respect for public and/or personal

property, and may oppose authority.


U Unsatisfactory Rating Frequently shows disregard for rules, seldom shows respect for public and/or personal property, and often opposes the general welfare.  May frequently disturb class, be discourteous, or lack consideration of others.





Citizenship is considered a key to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning.  Order, respect, and courteous behavior are expected at all times.  The following may give the parent a better understanding of Westcliff’s expectation of students:



The district’s “Student Code of Conduct” policy as set forth in the brochure shall be binding and enforceable upon all students and parents.  Both parent and student are required to sign and return the acknowledgement on the brochure.  In addition, teachers at Westcliff utilize the Cooperative Discipline plan. By using Cooperative Discipline, teachers are able to create a positive and productive classroom environment conducive to learning.  Our goal is to work together to prevent behavior problems from occurring and to encourage students to make responsible decisions.



“In grades 1-5, promotion to the next grade level shall be based on an overall average of 70 on a scale of 100 based on course-level, grade-level standards (TEKS) for all subjects and a grade of 70 or above in the following areas: reading, composition and language, mathematics, science, and social studies.”  (FWISD Guide to Grade Reporting)


Please be aware that a student’s satisfactory performance on certain state mandated exams will be required for promotion to the next grade level for 5th grade only.


A student who does not perform satisfactorily will participate in special instructional programs designed to help improve performance. Whether the student is retained or promoted, an educational plan for the student will be designed for the next school year to enable the student to perform at grade level. 



Students are allowed to check out at least one book from the library every week depending upon their grade level. Pre-K and Kindergarten students may borrow one book per week; first grade through fifth grade may borrow two to four books per week depending upon their reading needs. We encourage our students to read and participate in the AR program to the greatest extent possible.


Each student will be responsible for the care and return of the books which he/she borrows.  Current replacement cost of the book must be paid if the book is lost.  If a book is damaged, a fine will be assessed by the librarian depending upon the amount of damage.


The teachers at Westcliff are working toward developing a life-long love of reading in our students and sincerely appreciate parental encouragement and assistance in this endeavor.




A booklet on homework will be provided for each 1st – 5th family as an attachment to this handbook upon receipt from the district.  Please read and understand the policies therein.  Contact the teacher or the administrators if you have questions or concerns about the homework policy.






Before a child may participate in a school-sponsored field trip, a parent permission card must be completed and filed with the office at the beginning of the year.  Teachers will send home a notice of a planned field trip prior to each trip taken.  Any child who does not have a parent permission card on file will NOT be permitted to go on the trip.  If you do not wish your child to attend any particular field trip, merely notify the office in writing.  Other arrangements will then be made for your child at school. 


Parents/adults who chaperone field trips may not take pre-school children and other children who do not attend Westcliff on the school bus.  All adult chaperones MUST have a current Criminal Background Check renewed annually and on file with the school counselor.



Students are expected to be in dress code beginning on the first day of school.  Violations of the dress code shall be handled at the school level.

Prekindergarten – Grade 8

Clothing shall be of the correct size for students, with no sagging pants.
Navy, khaki, black or blue denim pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris or jumpers are acceptable and must be hemmed or cuffed.  Shorts, skirts and skorts shall be no shorter that three inches above the knee; denim blue/black jeans are allowed but must be free of embellishments.
Tops in navy or white solid colors.  White t-shirts only shall be worn under tops and not as outer clothing.  Collared (Polo or Oxford-style) shirts or blouses, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks, all with sleeves.
Shirts or blouses shall be tucked into clothing.
Sweatshirts or sweaters in navy or white are acceptable as outerwear, if worn over standard dress.  Coats and jackets of any color shall be worn in accordance with weather conditions and not inside classrooms.
Athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes or other closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoelaces shall be white or match the color of the shoe.
Acceptable accessories include belts (if worn) must be of a solid color fabric or leather with a buckle no larger than two inches.  Tights, socks and hosiery shall be of a solid color.
Manufacturer logos must be less than one and a half inch square with the exception of school logos.


Unacceptable for All Students

Sagging pants
T-shirts worn as outer clothing, except on School Spirit Days as designated by School Administrator.
Visible undergarments
Clothing considered too revealing (bare midriffs, tube tops, cut-off shirts, low-cut tops, crop tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, see-through shirts, fishnet clothing)
Any clothing with holes, tears or cuts
Any clothing with lewd, offensive, vulgar, obscene pictures, emblems or language.
Any clothing with advertising that depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs or references any substance prohibited under FWISD school board policy coded FNCF (LEGAL)
Gang-related clothing, accessories or jewelry bearing signs, insignias, colors or symbols
Active-wear such as wind shorts, warm-ups, soccer short, boxer shorts, sweat suits or spandex gym wear (including leggings)
Visible drawstrings
House shoes
Except for verified religious clothing, head gear such as hats, scarves, bandanas, do-rags or shower caps are prohibited
Combs, sunglasses or grillz (silver, gold or  foil mouthpieces worn over teeth)
Accessories or body piercings that could be classified as dangerous or as a potential weapon, i.e., chains, spiked necklaces, bracelets and the like.



Please mark all children’s coats, jackets, hats, backpacks, lunch boxes and other items with their NAMES.  These items are frequently misplaced.  The school maintains an area in the building for lost items.  Small items such as jewelry and eyeglasses are kept in the office.  Anything that is found by a student should be turned in to the school office.  Periodically, items in Lost and Found are displayed for students and parents to claim.  At the end of the year, unclaimed items will be given away.



All parents will be asked to conference with your child’s teacher during the fall semester, but may request additional conferences at any time.  Should you wish to have a conference with your child’s teacher or teachers, please call the office at (817) 814-6000 and request that the teacher return your call.  The teacher will schedule the conference during his/her planning period.  Teachers cannot participate in a parent conference while supervising/teaching students. Please schedule an appointment.



School visitors and volunteers are most welcome at Westcliff.  To ensure the safety of students we require, however, that you always register in the office if you are visiting.  You should sign in and receive an identification badge and/or visitor sticker.  Visitors and volunteers are to wear the badge/sticker at all times while in the building.  Visitors/volunteers must sign out before leaving school.  If you return to school later in the day, each visitors/volunteers must sign in/out again. 

FWISD has installed the RAPTOR visitor system in each school, which requires that all visitors present a valid PHOTO ID at the time of their first visit.

Volunteers are requested to refrain from bringing preschool children with them since their presence is distracting to the classroom and/or office environment.  Volunteers attending field trips or working directly with students must have a “background check,” before volunteering.  This check must be renewed annually.  Please see the school office or parent liaison for the background check.




It is important that the school has your child’s current address and phone number as well as numbers of other individuals who may be called in an emergency.  If you move or change your telephone number, please notify the office of your new phone number and/or address.  In the event of an accident, illness, or other emergency, the school will contact the parent or guardian, or another individual identified on the Student Emergency Card. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD MEMORIZE YOUR PHONE NUMBER.



Students are not to bring large sums of money to school, personal items of value, or toys/cards.  If a student wears glasses or a watch, the student must keep track of them at all times.  STUDENTS, NOT THE SCHOOL, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY.   Students should bring only enough money to school to pay for lunch or purchase supplies.  Students should never leave money in a locker or desk.



The FWISD publishes the school supply list on its webpage www.fwisd.org under the “Parent” tab.  Students should have all listed supplies with them on the first day of class.



Students are issued textbooks.  Students are responsible for keeping and returning them in good condition.  Reasonable wear is expected as a result of daily use.  Unreasonable damage to textbooks will result in fines.   Lost textbooks must be paid for at replacement costs.  Students are expected to do the following:

Refrain from writing in or otherwise destroying textbooks
Be financially responsible for all books issued
Keep books covered at all times.



The office telephones are for school business and they may be used by students only in cases of emergency, and ONLY WITH PERMISSION.  Telephone messages to students will be relayed on an emergency basis only.  To reduce the number of telephone calls to the office, please review after school arrangements with your child before coming to school if they vary from the normal and write a note to the teacher.

*Students may not receive telephone calls while at school.



Students may possess telecommunications or electronic devices while on school property or while attending school-sponsored or school-related activities on or off school property. However, such devices must not be visible and must remain off during the instructional day;  If a cell phone, ipod, or other electronic device is seen or heard at school, it will be confiscated and Board Policy as outlined below will be followed:

(STUDENT CONDUCT FNCE TELECOMMUNICATIONS /ELECTRONIC DEVICES (LOCAL) DATE ISSUED: 3/21/2011 ADOPTED: 1 of 1 LDU 2011.02 FNCE(LOCAL)-X) District employees may confiscate electronic devices, including mobile telephones, used in violation of applicable District rules. Campus instructors and administrators may, in the exercise of reasonable discretion, allow students to use electronic devices for instructional purposes during the instructional day, so long as the use does not disturb the classroom instruction. [See EKB] A campus administrator must notify the parent or guardian within two school days that the telecommunications device has been confiscated and explain how the device may be reclaimed. To reclaim a telecommunications device, the parent or guardian must: 1. Present in person at the campus, during posted school hours, written proof of ownership and a photo ID; 2. Complete a form acknowledging return of the device; and 3. Pay a $15 fee per device. An administrative fee of $15 per device shall be charged for release of each telecommunications/paging device confiscated, in accordance with Education Code 37.082. The fee shall be accepted by the local campus to cover administrative costs for processing the confiscated device. The fee may be paid either in cash or by money order. If a telecommunications device is not retrieved, the District shall dispose of the device after providing notice required by law.



Deliveries to students such as lunches, lunch money, homework, etc., must be brought to the office.  Every effort should be made to take care of these matters before school.  (Non-school related deliveries (i.e. balloons, flowers, presents, etc.) are discouraged and parents are asked to send these items to the home.  Personal items not related to school will not be taken into classrooms.



Westcliff Elementary is very fortunate to participate in a federal grant program during the 2015-2016 school year which provides a FREE BREAKFAST and LUNCH to every child.  See times for breakfast below.


Eating lunch or breakfast with your child is permissible.  Parents are asked to limit these visits to once or twice a month, as students need this time to socialize with other students.  We do REQUIRE that Pre-K parents allow their children to eat without them for the first semester of school so that the child becomes acclimated to eating in the school setting.  Children who are upset at being separated from their parents in the mornings often go through the emotional upset again after lunch if parents visit early in the year.


NOTE:  Breakfast is served until 7:55 a.m. each morning.  (Exception:  If bus is running late, bus students can eat as soon as the bus arrives.)




Students will practice evacuation, reverse evacuation, lock down and “duck and cover” protection procedures on a district schedule throughout the year. In the event of fire, tornados, or other emergency situations, students should be prepared to responds as rehearsed.  Safety will be the utmost concern in any situation.  If visitors/parents find themselves at school during one of the disaster drills or an emergency situation, they must evacuate or take cover just as do the students and staff.  Visitors/parents are expected to follow the school procedures and comply with emergency directives to ensure the safety of all involved.



Westcliff Elementary fifth graders may be selected as members of the Safety Patrol and Courtesy Team.  These students serve as ambassadors by helping to maintain a safe environment for all classes and to promote a climate of good citizenship.  Students must qualify for membership based on good citizenship and high academic performance.  To continue as a team member, each student must maintain the standards by which he/she was selected and



Parents are expected to become active partners in the education of their children. Westcliff asks that each parent to contribute time to school objectives by volunteering in the classroom or helping from the home if possible.  We recognize that parents are busy, but becoming involved with your child’s school is an important way to show your commitment to their education but when your children see that you believe education is so important that you want to be involved, you demonstrate your commitment to their learning.





Parent Teacher Associations are only effective when parents take an active role in providing support activities for the campus.   PTA meetings will be held throughout the year.  A calendar of events will be published monthly.  Please support this endeavor by joining PTA each year for just a few dollars!


SCHOOL PARTIES – PTA sponsors 3 parties: Christmas or Winter Holiday party, Valentine and end of school party.   PTA also sponsors a fifth grade day in lieu of an end of school party.  All parties except the 5th grade party will be the last 45 minutes of the day.   Foods must be store bought and packaged.   No home-made items should be brought by parents and served to students.



Should you need to withdraw your child from enrollment at this campus, please notify the office personnel as quickly as possible.  One full working day is required to process the paperwork involved in a withdrawal. If proper paperwork is not submitted, you will be asked to bring it. Please ensure all student textbooks and library books are returned to avoid possibly large fines, and the principal/ asst. principal will sign the withdrawal paperwork at that time.



It is the policy of the Fort Worth Independent School District to provide a free appropriate public education to all students who reside in the District, without regard to handicapping condition.  Inquiries concerning application of this policy may be referred to the school counselor, teacher and/or principal, or you may contact June Davis, Coordinator of Section 504 responsibilities, at 100 N. University Drive or call 871-2801.




The Fort Worth Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender identity and expression, military/veteran status, in its programs and activities. The following person(s) has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: June Davis, 504 Coordinator/Foster Care Liaison, 100 N University Dr., NW 250, Fort Worth, TX 76107, 817.814.2875, Rufino Mendoza, Title IX Coordinator, 100 N University Dr., NW 130-I, Fort Worth, TX 76107, 817.814.2793 or Sammy Monge, Title VII Coordinator, 100 N University Dr., NW 130-I, Fort Worth, TX 76107, 817.814.2724.


Prohibited harassment of a student is defined as physical, verbal, or nonverbal conduct based on the student’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other basis prohibited by law that is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that the conduct:

affects a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from an educational program or activity, or creates an intimidating, threatening, hostile, or offensive educational environment;
has the purpose or effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with the student’s academic performance; or
otherwise adversely affects the student’s educational opportunities.


Students are expected to treat other students and District employees with courtesy and respect; to avoid any behaviors known to be offensive; and to stop these behaviors when asked or told to stop.


The District encourages parental and student support in its efforts to address and prevent harassment in any form in the public schools.  Students and/or parents are encouraged to discuss their questions or concerns about the expectations in this area with a teacher, counselor, or principal.


A student who believes he or she has been harassed by another student or by a District employee is encouraged to report the incident to the teacher, counselor, or principal.  The allegations will be investigated and addressed.  A substantiated complaint against a student will result in appropriate disciplinary action, according to the nature of the offense and the Student Code of Conduct.


OZONE ACTION POLICY - Each parent or legal guardian of a child sensitive to ozone must have a statement from a physician on file at the school campus stating such.  Parents or legal guardians must make the decision on a daily basis if their children should be allowed to participate in outside activities.  If they decide their children should not participate in the outside activities, they must send in writing a note requesting their child to be kept in for that day due to ozone levels.  (If there is not a doctor’s statement on file the child will not be kept inside).  Each day is a new day and must be treated as such.


ELECTRONIC MEDIA – availability to the District’s electronic communications system(s), including the Internet shall be available to students, employees and volunteers expressly for instructional and administrative purposes and in accordance with policy regulations.   Access to the District’s electronic communications system(s) is a privilege, not a guaranteed right.  All users shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of all policy regulations governing use of the system(s) and shall agree in writing to comply with such policies and guidelines.  Policies and guidelines are available on-line at www.fortworthisd.org.  Noncompliance will result in disciplinary action consistent with District policies and regulations.





Student Handbook in English