Westcliff Elementary PTA

Fort worth, texas

In School and After School Activities

Westcliff offers a varitety of activities for boys and girls of all ages.

​​UIL Competitions- Kevin Wagoner 

Boy Scouts

Girls Scouts

Speed Stacking Club- Mark Greenwood

Newspaper Club- Tami Ramirez, LaTasha Tinnell, Dianna Bermea

Rise and Shine Reading Club- Kelly Gandy and Liz Durham

Civics Club & It's Not OK Club- Mrs. Constance Johnston (Counselor)

Student Council- Connie Johnson, Jennifer Mitchell, Ebony McDonald

Running Club-LaTasha Tinnell, Tami Ramirez, Dianna Bermea, Ebony McDonald

Zumba Club-Ebony McDonald

Math Club 

Music Memory Club/UIL – 

Super Scientists- Mrs. Mitchell 

B.O.B. – Battle of the Books –Kelly Gandy

AR Reader Leaders – Kelly Gandy, PTA sponsored celebrations for Reader Leaders

Good News Club