Westcliff Elementary PTA

Fort worth, texas

This club is open to students in grades K-5.  

It meets on Tuesday mornings from 7:15-7:40 (yes, AM) in the auditorium.  Students may go to breakfast after the meeting, if desired.


Goals include:

  • learning about our neighborhood, city, state, region, and nation
  • understanding the process to elect leaders (students elect a President, Vice President and Secretary)
  • understanding the pledges we make (to the American flag, the Texas flag, and the Wrangler Code)
  • developing leadership skills and 
  • learning strategies for cooperative group efficiency

The students also discuss ways to show respect to each other (with the It's Not OK to.... information).

Forms to sign up for the club will be available at the Back to School picnic on Friday, or students may come to a meeting to get the forms for the parents to sign.


Civics Club