Westcliff Elementary PTA

Fort worth, texas

Sara Gillaspie, principal of Westcliff Elementary School in Fort Worth, received the 2014 Excellence in Education Award from TCU.

Mr. Jose Diaz-

Assistant Principal


​​The Excellence in Education Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in the field of education and actively supports College of Education faculty and students. This year’s recipient is Sara Gillaspie, principal of Westcliff Elementary in Fort Worth. “Sara is extremely supportive of our early childhood education program and enthusiastically welcomes many of our students to her campus every year,” said Sue Anderson, professor of education and Gillaspie’s nominator for the award. “She is a dynamic leader and provides an environment where our students feel important and valued. Because of her leadership and support, our students gain valuable field experience and teaching skills.” 

Ms. Sara Gillaspie- Principal

Congratulations Ms. Gillaspie!